Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Gustavus Adolphus College offers a major and a minor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. This interdisciplinary program examines gender and sexuality as cultural and social categories that organize and shape human experience.

Students will interrogate the social meanings of femininity, masculinity, sexual behavior, and desire as integral to the ways that groups and individuals construct their identities within and across a variety of historical, social, and cultural contexts. To this end, students will also examine the ways that gender and sexuality intersect with other categories of social difference such as race, class, ethnicity, nationality, religion, ability, and age. Students will explore such topics as constructions of femininity and masculinity, the history of feminism, gender roles and relations, and cultural configurations of sexual desire and identity in discussion-based classes.

Courses in the GWSS Program come from a variety of disciplines. A multidisciplinary approach will provide students with a foundation for thinking more broadly about categories of social difference and the various cultural and legal institutions that produce and sustain them. Students who successfully complete the program will be exposed to a wide array of methodologies regarding the history, theory, and practice of gender studies and will gain extensive experience with writing and research with a strong emphasis on information literacy.

In order to develop personal experiences with and perspectives on the workings of gender in Western and non-Western societies, the GWSS Program recommends that students consider off-campus (international or domestic) academic programs. The GWSS Program makes every effort to work with students in selecting courses from these programs that may be applied to the major or minor requirements. See for a complete list of available programs, or contact the Center for International and Cultural Education for a list of programs that would be particularly interesting to GWSS students.

In keeping with the mission of the College, students will be encouraged to orient these insights toward furthering the cause of social justice. 

Name Title Phone Web
Martin Lang ’95 Program Director 507-933-6899
Ana Adams Associate Professor of Spanish 507-933-6079 web
Sidonia Alenuma-Nimoh Associate Professor 507-933-7451 web
Florence Amamoto Associate Professor 507-933-7399
Elizabeth Baer Research Professor web
Leila Brammer Professor 507-933-6190 web
Lori Carsen Kelly ’83 Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of the Three Crowns Curriculum 507-933-7172
Thia Cooper Director 507-933-6296 web
Blake Couey Associate Professor 507-933-7475
Angelique Dwyer Assistant Professor 507-933-7419 web
Patricia English Associate Professor 507-933-7372 web
Mary Gaebler Associate Professor 507-933-6290
Anne-Marie Gronhovd
Lisa Heldke ’82 Professor 507-933-7029 web
Yurie Hong Associate Professor 507-933-7160
Elizabeth Jenner Associate Professor 507-933-7427
Gregory Kaster Professor 507-933-7431 web
Kathleen Keller Associate Professor 507-933-7432
Robert Kendrick Assistant Professor 507-933-6090
Ursula Lindqvist Assistant Professor 507-933-7422 and 507-933-7422
Jill Locke Professor 507-933-6226
Maddalena Marinari Assistant Professor 507-933-6152
Carlos Mejia Suarez Assistant Professor 507-933-7385
Kjerstin Moody ’98 Associate Professor 507-933-7423
Peg O'Connor Professor 507-933-7573 web
Alisa Rosenthal Associate Professor 507-933-7437 web
Amy Seham Professor 507-933-7460 web
Mary Solberg Associate Professor, Chair
Darío Sánchez-González Assistant Professor 507-933-7387
Suzanne Wilson Associate Professor 507-933-7426
Kate Wittenstein Professor 507-933-7433
Barbara Zust ’76 Professor (Sabbatical Fall 2016) 507-933-6097