File Sharing and Storage

Gustavus Employees have several recommended options for storing and sharing information depending on the classification of that data. Before using any of these services, review the data regulations below in order to make an informed decision about where to store information.

  Local Computer (C: drive) Home Directory (Z: drive) Department Shares Class Shares (Locker or Nebula) Secure Share OneDrive for Business Gustavus Google Drive Code42 CrashPlan Backup
Quota varies varies varies varies varies Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
File Size Limit varies varies varies varies varies 10GB 5TB Unlimited
Collaboration Features No No No No No Yes: Live collaboration in Office 2016 Desktop and Online Apps Yes: Live collaboration in Google Apps No
Encryption varies No No No encryption in transit AES-256 bit encryption at rest and in transit at individual file level encryption at rest and in transit AES-256 bit encryption at rest and in transit
Encryption keys held by Gustavus Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A No No Yes
Erased at the end of Semester No No No Yes No No No No
Easy Mobile/ Off campus Access No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Where data is stored Your local computer Gustavus Data Center Gustavus Data Center Gustavus Data Center Gustavus Data Center Worldwide Microsoft Data Center Worldwide Google Data Center Code42 US Data Center

Data Regulations

Before using a service to send, share, or store institutional information, review the guidelines below. If you are unsure about the most secure location for your information, please contact Technology Services.

  • FERPA: Education records protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Examples include but are not limited to: grades, transcripts, financial aid applications, class lists, student course schedules and advising information. For more information visit:
  • Personally identifiable information (PII): This includes Social Security numbers, drivers licenses numbers, passport information and bank account numbers.
  • HIPAA/PHI: Personal health information that is protected by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act. Examples include: Health records, patient information, and health insurance billing information.
  • Credit Card Payments (PCI): This includes credit card numbers that are used for the processing of payments. Examples include: credit card numbers, names and other information associated with the processing of a payment.



Personally identifiable information (PII)


Credit Card Payments (PCI)

Local Computer (C: drive) Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Local Computer (C: drive) Encrypted Drive Allowed Allowed Restricted Prohibited
Home Directory (Z: drive) Allowed Allowed Restricted Prohibited
Department Shares Allowed Allowed Restricted Prohibited
Class Shares (Locker or Nebula) Allowed Restricted Restricted Prohibited
Secure Share Allowed Allowed Restricted Prohibited
Gustavus Email Prohibited* Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
GusMail Prohibited* Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
OneDrive for Business Allowed** Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Gustavus Google Drive Allowed** Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Code42 CrashPlan Backup Allowed Allowed Restricted Prohibited
Moodle Allowed Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Scan to file share using a Multi-function Printer Allowed Allowed Restricted Restricted
Scan to email using a Multi-function Printer Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
External Portable Drive Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
External Portable Drive Encrypted Allowed Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Personal Computer Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Personal Cloud Storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc) Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Any service not listed in this chart Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
  • Allowed: Using this service to store this classification of information is allowed.
  • Restricted: Using this service to store this classification of information is allowed only with special permission to ensure the data is secure. For more information, contact Technology Services.
  • Prohibited: Using this service to store this classification of information is NOT allowed in any circumstance.

*Email is not recommended for sharing restricted information. Use a Department share, Secure Share, OneDrive for Business, or Gustavus Google Drive to share information depending on the data classification.

**Sharing is only allowed when shared with an internal Gustavus user (ex. You are responsible for properly sharing this information to ensure it is secure. For more information about sharing, visit or contact Technology Services.