Student Response Systems

What is a Student Response System?

A student respose system (aka audience response or clickers) is a way to get particpants to interact with a class or presentation. You can use a student response system in many ways but at Gustavus, we use it for anonymous polling. There are two supported tools that you can use:

Turning Point Technologies Clickers

Turning Point clickers work within MS PowerPoint allowing slides to be created and populated in a graph form with the participants responses. Teachers must have the Turning Point Software installed and a USB receiver connected to their computer. The students need clickers. All these items can be checked out from GTS.

ChimeIn Cloud

ChimeIn Cloud works via a website only but there is no software or equipment needed other than a computer or phone. The teacher needs to create an account, create a class, and then create questions. Students can respond via the web or text message.


Effective Practices:

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