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Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing application. The solution enables users to make video calls with up to 250 users per high-definition video meeting that includes recording capabilities. The application (computer or mobile device) allows users to join pre-scheduled meetings from calendar events, choose a link, enter meeting code and even dial in from their phones if the invitation includes a phone number. Google Hangouts Meet integrates with G Suite versions of Google Calendar and Gmail and shows the complete list of participants and scheduled meetings. It shows a Join button for users to connect to the meeting and provides options to mute and turn off the video during the meeting. Ways you can use Google Hangouts Meet: Live lectures / webinars; One on one virtual meetings; Group virtual meetings; Student group work; or Recorded presentations.

Google Meet from a mobile device:
Google Hangouts Meet app: Android or iPhone
Start a Google Hangout Meet on the fly:  
Join a scheduled Google Hangout Meet: 
Google Meet options on a mobile device (Note: Screen sharing option is only available on an iPhone):  

Video Tutorials on Google Hangouts Meet:
Set up a pre-scheduled google Hangouts meet through google calendar:  
Start a google Hangouts meet instantly: 
Record your meeting and other helpful tips:  

Google Meet Grid - this is an excellent Chrome extension that allows you to see all participants in a meeting in one view: 

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts makes it easy to communicate one on one or with a group of people. Google Hangouts are available in your GusMail interface.

To watch a video tutorial on how to use Google Hangouts, navigate to: 

Remote Access

Remote Server / Remote Desktop

Access the Gustavus remote server or your Gustavus PC desktop from anywhere using remote desktop protocol:

Where are your files? You may want to copy those files that are on your local machine to online resources like google drive or onedrive.

Other Resources

Google Drive

Google Drive is cloud storage and access to a suite of online office apps that are comparable to Microsoft Office. Google Docs (the word processor), Google Sheets (the spreadsheet app) and Google Slides (the presentation app) can import, export, or natively edit Microsoft Office files, and you can use them to work together with colleagues on a document, spreadsheet or presentation, in real time. Google Drive at Gustavus is limitless in size and available to all users.

Google Drive training on Hoonuit: 


Hoonuit is an online, on demand, training site that offers over 50,000 tutorial videos on over 250 technology applications, including Microsoft, Google, and Adobe. Topics are subdivided into very small chunks, and presented in videos of one or two minutes, so learners can easily and quickly find the training they need on specific topics. 24/7 access to training offers flexible, just-in-time learning - no more registering or waiting for a class to happen some time in the future. Hoonuit narrated video tutorials are ready when you are! Simply type your keywords, optionally add filters for application, topic and category, and click the Search button.

  • To access Hoonuit, navigate to and login with your Gustavus credentials if prompted.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is what Gustavus uses for calendars. Google Calendar lets you keep track of your own events and share your calendars with others. It's the ideal tool for managing personal and professional schedules. It is both simple to use and very powerful.


Access your email using the GusMail web interface from anywhere:


Voice Messaging "Reach Me" and "Notify Me" features and various other messaging options can be activated by accessing the user preferences website:

Please keep in mind that you must be on the Gustavus Network to access the voicemail user preferences website. Directions to access the network from off campus can be found on the "Remote Access" section of this page.

More information can be found at


A screencast is a digital video recording of your computer screen and usually includes audio narration. Screencasts are a great way to record your presentation since it records anything that you can display on your screen. Screencasting not only saves you time answering the same questions over and over, but it has been proven that 80% of viewers can recall a video they have seen in the past 30 days.

To learn about Screencasts, navigate to: 
To watch a video tutorial on to upload this movie to Google Drive, navigate to: 
To watch a video tutorial on to upload this movie to YouTube, navigate to:  

Building Redundancies

Are there any critical functionalities in your office that only you know how to perform? Think about cross-training you can do ahead of time to build redundancy into your team.

Contacting the Helpline

The technology helpline offers several options for remote assistance including email, phone, live chat, and even the ability to remotely connect to your machine for support.

Phone: 507-933-6111 (we will be answering during staffed hours and checking voicemail often)
Live Chat: visit and click on the “live support” button
Remote screen sharing: including remote access to your computer:

Scan to PDF from a Mobile Device

iPhone Users
We recommend using the Notes app that is already on all iPhones. You can scan items using your phone camera and save as PDF. You can then choose to share that PDF via email, text, or Google Drive. For more information on this process, please navigate to 

Android Users
We recommend using the Google Drive app that can be installed from . You can can items using your phone camera and save as a PDF. You can then choose to share that JPDF via Google Drive. For more information on this process, please navigate to