Windows Update

Windows Update on Vista

Microsoft regularly releases updates to the Windows operating system and other Microsoft products via Windows Update. Applying these updates is an important step to protecting the security of your computer.


Apply waiting updates

To apply waiting updates follow these instructions:

Windows Update shield
  1. Double click the yellow shield (Windows XP) or the blue windows update icon (Windows Vista/7) next to the clock.
  2. Select Express Install (Windows XP).
  3. Click Install (Windows XP).
  4. If a license terms message pops up, click I accept.
Apply Window Updates
  1. When the updates finish applying, a reboot may be required.

Manually updating

To run Windows Update, select the Windows Update icon in the Start Menu or from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. You can also access Windows Update by visiting Microsoft's website and clicking the Windows Update link. Click the Scan for updates link to begin the Windows Update process.

Automated updating

Without WSUS

Windows XP and some versions of Windows 2000 allow you to apply updates automatically. Select the Automatic Updates Control Panel from the Start Menu to configure automatic updates.


To initiate communication with Gustavus' WSUS server, follow the appropriate steps below for your version of Windows.


  1. Click the Start button
  2. Click Run
  3. Type cmd
  4. Type wuauclt /detectnow and then hit enter.

Vista and 7

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Type cmd into the Search bar
  3. Type wuauclt /detectnow and hit enter.