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Properly functioning and updated virus protection is an essential part of healthy computing habits. All windows computers on the Gustavus network are required to have updated and current virus protection.

Vendors and Suggestions

There are many options for windows virus protection, free and pay for options. Some options are Norton, Symantec, Kaspersky, AVG, McAfee, Avast, BitDefender, Avira and Trend.

For free solutions, Gustavus Technology Services recommends that Windows 8 and 10 users use Windows Defender.

VirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs using multiple AV scanners.

Multiple Virus Protection Applications

Having more than one antivirus package causes performance problems, and leaves your computer vulnerable to infection. From the Programs and Features Control Panel look for and uninstall, if more than one (in reverse order of installation)—Symantec Anything, Norton Anything, Kaspersky, AVG, McAfee, Avast, BitDefender, Avira, Trend. Reboot after uninstalling.

Virus definitions

Virus protection is a two part process. The first is installing the antivirus software. The second is regularly updating your virus definitions. The virus definitions file tells the software how to identify computer viruses. Most antivirus application automatically check for current virus definitions. Virus definitions are typically updated often - definitions that are older than a week are likely not up to date.

Scanning for viruses

You should regularly scan your computer for viruses. Most Anti Virus applications have the ability to schedule a regular (daily) scan.

Virus removal

For help removing viruses, please see Virus and Malware Removal or Macintosh Adware Removal.

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