VHS to DVD Transfer Device

Located in Olin Hall Lab, you are able to take a VHS tape and convert it to DVD format. You will need a blank DVD and your VHS. It records in real time. If your VHS tape is 30 minutes, it will take 30 minutes or a little more to convert to the DVD.




  1. Insert VHS
  2. Insert blank DVD
  3. Press Play on the VHS side
  4. Press and hold the D. Dubbing button for 1 second.
  5. The recording will start. It records in real time. If the video is an hour, the conversion to the DVD will take at least an hour.
  6. You may want to mute the monitor's audio to not disturb others in the lab. To do this: hit the Down arrow on the monitor (speakers are located in the monitor), scroll down to mute, hit the 2 button.

Vhsplay.JPG Ddubbing.JPG


Before the DVD can be played on other players, the disc first needs to be finalized. If you fill the recording capacity of the disc, it will finalize automatically. Use the remote control and the process below to finalize the disc by hand.

  1. Press the "Stop" (square symbol) button on the remote control.
  2. Press the "Setup" button on the remote control.
  3. Using the arrow buttons, select "Disc Edit" and press the "OK" button.
  4. Using the arrow buttons, select "Finalize" and press the "OK" button.
  5. At the prompt, select "Yes" to begin finalizing the disc.
  6. Once the finalization is complete, you will be returned to the title listing screen. The disc is then ready to be played on other players.


I do not hear any audio from my VHS tape.

If you are not receiving any audio, the audio may be muted on the monitor.