Tips for Purchasing a 5 Ghz Windows Laptop

Purchasing New

If you are in the market for a new computer or wireless device, be sure to buy one with 5GHz wireless. All Apple products, Google Nexus tablets & Chromebooks, have dual band wireless. However it can be tricky to get 5 GHz on a Windows laptop.

PC manufacturers try to save a few bucks and put in slower, single band WiFi adapters. While this might be fine for home use, in dense environments like offices, classrooms or dorms, 5 GHz is a must!

For this reason we recommend avoiding the base or pre-configured Dell and Lenovo laptops. We recommend customizing your choice, and including a dual band or 5 GHz wireless option. This can sometimes delay your delivery times, but you almost always will have a better device and wireless experience for about the same cost.

Recommendations for Windows Wireless


Intel based Dual Band


5 GHz or Dual Band by vendors other than Intel

Not Recommended

2.4 GHz or Single Band

Look for words like

  • Dual Band
  • 5 GHz
  • AC
  • 802.11a

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