Technology Outage

This page contains information for Helpline employees for use during a technology outage after hours. Please don't pass out the contact information and don't use it after 11 pm.

What if...?

What if...? Verification Action
WebMail is down Is it working for you? Have you taken multiple calls? Contact full-time staff member
email is down Is WebMail working? Have you taken multiple calls involving multiple types of connectivity? Contact full-time staff member
Internet is down Is it working for you? Can you connect to on campus sites and/or off campus sites? Contact full-time staff member
Printing (all) Can you print? Are all printers not working? Contact full-time staff member
Printing (one location) Can you print? Only one printer - ask users to use a different printer
Toner Out Try removing the toner and gently rocking it back and forth - then putting it back in the printer Ticket in SS for toner delivery tomorrow
Paper Out Verify on labcams Deliver paper to location
Wireless Is it working for you? Single location or campus wide? Campus wide - Contact full-time staff member. Single location - ticket in SS.

Contact Options

Depending on what services are out - your contact options may be limited. Please check the full-time staff member page for alternate methods of contact. Cell and home numbers are listed. If you don't know who to call, you start with Tami, Nick, Dan, Mike, or Evan. They can help you with who to call or they can call Dan or Jessie or Paul, if need be.

You can also email Dutyperson or the entire GTS Staff.

What to do...

What do you do in the mean time while GTS staff are working on the problem? Please notify the user that GTS full-time staff have been notified and are working on the problem. Please ask the user if they would like to be notified when we have the problem cleared up. If so, please enter a ticket in SupportSuite to call them when the problem is fixed.