Sysadmin Instructions on how to set up a cyrus mail server

  • Install CentOS minimum install(I used 4.4)
  • Run yum update
  • Install cyrus:
yum install cyrus-imapd-utils cyrus-imapd-devel cyrus-imapd perl-Cyrus

  • Install postfix:
yum install postfix

  • Set up startup tasks:
chkconfig cyrus-imapd on
chkconfig postfix on
chkconfig saslauthd on
chkconfig sendmail off
  • change the smtp server to postfix
yum install system-switch-mail
  • set up ldap using "setup"
  • change mech in /etc/sysconfig/saslauthd to


  • add the following line to /etc/imapd.conf

<pre> #make folders appear at same level as INBOX altnamespace: 1 </pre>