Kayako Fusion

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Kayako Fusion is a web-based ticket tracking solution the Technology Helpline and various other departments on campus use for tracking requests and problems.

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Access Options

Both clients and Technology Helpline employees can access and interface with Fusion.

Client Access


Logging In

Customers or clients can access Fusion at: support.gustavus.edu with their e-mail username and password. Customers and clients are able to view and update open and resolved tickets or issues.

View Tickets

Customers and clients can view their tickets, both resolved and unresolved. A toggle link is available to turn off or on your resolved tickets (upper right side of ticket list).

Individual tickets can be viewed by clicking on the subject of the ticket in the Ticket list view.


In the ticket view, you can see the details of the ticket, check or change the status (resolved or unresolved), see who the ticket is assigned to for resolution (owner) or send a reply to the owner.

Resolution and Feedback


When a ticket or issue is resolved, the customer/client has the option to provide feedback regarding the ticket. This feedback is recorded as part of the ticket, and sent via email to the ticket owner.

Technology Helpline Access

Please see Fusion for Technology Helpline Employees.