Summer Staff: Things to Know

Here are some general things to know about working during the summer in the Technology Services department.

Work Hours

  • You are expected to arrive at 8am to your workstation, and be ready for the morning meeting by 8:15 am. The day ends at 4:45pm.

Lunch Hour

  • You are alloted 45 minutes for lunch every day. Please coordinate with others so we have enough people to staff the lunch hour.

Summer Hours

Helpline Summer Hours

Vacation/Sick Policy

  • You must take 2 weeks of vacation during the summer.
  • You must schedule your vacation days a week in advance by emailing dutyperson.
  • If you are sick, please email dutyperson (
  • Please know that GTS counts on your presence everyday that you are scheduled to work.

Phone Etiquette

  • Please remember to answer the phone with the following greeting: "Technology Helpline, this is (insert name), how can I help you?"
  • The person on the phone does not need to know the exact location of someone, if they are not here. For example, if Jessie is at the doctor, all they need to know is that he is out of the office, and ask if you can forward them to his voicemail.

Cart Policy

  • Remember that you represent the entire GTS staff when using the cart.
  • The key for the Golf Cart will in the greybox to ensure it is available when needed.
  • Please respect the pedestrians on the sidewalks. They have the right of way.
  • Please respect the property of Gustavus. Please make sure to always avoid driving on the grass.
  • Please remember to obey the traffic laws on Ring Road. You will be fined for failing to stop at a stop sign.
  • Please remember the cart is not street-legal; this means it may only be driven on campus.
  • Please use caution when hauling equipment in the cart(s).

Dress Policy

  • Please make sure to wear closed-toed shoes while working. You will be asked to move semi-heavy equipment on a fairly regular basis.
  • Please make sure to wear appropriate clothing to work. Many times you will be lifting computers or monitors, on the floor installing a computer, visiting faculty and staff members offices on a regular basis, and last of all, Olin is air conditioned all summer, you will get cold. Former employees from the summer would probably recommend a sweater and pants.


  • Please be aware of the responsibilities that come with the privileges of having access to many of the rooms/offices on campus. Please be respectful of others privacy.
  • Keys must be returned at the end of the day. If you leave at the end of the day with your grey-box keys, please call Safety and Security and return them immediately. Most likely, they will let you in to the office area to exchange keys.

Alarm Systems

  • There are a handful of offices, that during the summer, have alarms set. Although you have a grey-box key to unlock the door, the alarm will sound.
  • These offices include: Health Services, Dean of Students office, the Art 105 room, Registrar's Office, Media Services, "IT", Hillstrom Museum, Bookmark, Counseling Center, and the Post Office.

If you trip an alarm, please do not panic. Find a phone and call x8888 and let them know who you are and where you are at. They will most likely know where you calling from and know why you are calling.