Summer 2009 Training Classes

Technology Services is offering the following training classes this summer. Please call the Technology Helpline at x6111 to register for any of the following classes. All classes will be held in the Olin Hall Technology Classroom.

Basic Word 2007 for Windows
2 pm on July 27
11 am on Aug 20
An introduction into the newest version of Microsoft Word. You'll learn how to use the new ribbon, office button and the different views and contextual tabs, galleries and live previews. This hands on class will help the new to Word and the new to Word 2007 users.
Basic Word 2008 for Macintosh
11 am on July 29
3 pm on Aug 10
An introductory, hands on class for the newest Microsoft word processor for the Macintosh. You'll learn how to use the new tool bar, elements gallery and pre-designed headers, footers and bibliographies. This class will help the new to Word and the new to Word 2008 users.
Email Basics
2 pm on July 24
10 am on Aug 19
IMAP, POP, SSL, Quota - need help deciphering all the email information out there? This is the class for you. You'll learn about email basics, and more. You'll learn the different options for checking, sending, syncing and securing your Gustavus (and other) email accounts. We'll talk about attachments, signatures, mailing lists and other mail related topics.
Internet Safety
10 am on July 28
3 pm on Aug 6
Phishing, Social Networking, Twitter, Facebook, Viruses, Spyware. What can you do to make sure you don't become a victim? You'll learn about the precautions you should take when you are on the internet.
Google Calendar
11 am on July 22
2pm on Aug 18 Do you need an online collaborative calendaring system? Google Calendar might be the answer for you. We'll demonstrate the features of this online collaborative tool available to the campus community. This hands on class will allow you to take Google Calendar for a test drive.
Windows Getting Started
3 pm on July 30
11 am on Aug 11
Learn the basics of the Windows operating system. Do you want to learn more about the Windows operating system? Control Panels, Networking, Applications, Start Menus, Task Bars, Memory, how do they all work together? This class will help you learn more about the Windows operating system.
Macintosh Getting Started
10 am on July 23
11 am on Aug 5
Learn the basics of the Macintosh operating system. This class will focus on concepts from early version of OS X through the latest OS version, OS X Leopard. Learn about System Preferences, Networking, Applications, Dock, Memory, Upgrades and how they all work together. Come see how easy it is to work and play on a Macintosh.