Student Account Creation and Activation

The purpose of this page is to outline the student account creation and activation process that prospective students will go through. Students can start this process after receiving a mailed packet that includes their Gustavus student ID number, or after filling out the Admission Decision Reply electronic form in the applicant portal ( Once the prospective student fills out the Admission Decision Reply form, they will be provided with their ID number and a link to pay their deposit. A paper packet will also be mailed to them at this time containing their ID number. The link to pay the deposit will direct students to

Prospective students will receive a packet in the mail that includes their Gustavus ID number. They will need to visit and start the onboarding process by entering their ID number
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Answer phone call for verification
The perspective student will receive a phone call to the phone number on file. They will need to answer the call and push any number to verify their identity and continue to the next step. The last 4 digits of the number being called will be displayed on the screen. If this number is incorrect, direct the user to call the admissions office (507-933-7676).
If there is no phone number on file
If the perspective student does not have a phone number on file with Gustavus, they will be asked to authenticate by providing the email address on file. They should enter the email address in the box provided. if it matches the email address we have on file, they will be taken to the next step. If it does not match, the prospective student should be directed to call the admissions office to get their information updated (507-933-7676).
Verify name information
Once the perspective student has authenticated with a phone call or providing the email address on file, they will be taken to a screen where they should verify their legal name and chosen name. They are able to edit these fields if any changes need to be made.
Select username
The next screen will display several username options to choose from. The prospective student should click the radio button next to the username they would like to choose and then click submit.
Account Creation
The account is being created; this can take a minute or two.
Choose passphrase
Now that the user account has been created the user will be prompted to choose a passphrase. The passphrase must be at least 15 characters and can not contain the following symbols: [ ' " \ Our system will also check against external databases to ensure the chosen passphrase has not been exposed in any known data breaches. If the passphrase has been exposed, the user will have to choose a different passphrase.
Account creation completion for Non-deposited students
Once the student has chosen their username and set their passphrase, they will be brought to a screen with 3 options; Apply for Financial Aid, View Your Award, and Your Next Step. If the student has not yet deposited, the Next Step will be to submit their deposit. They will not be able to access their Enrollment Checklist or complete the rest of the activation process until their deposit is received. If Gustavus has already received the deposit for the student, in the Next Step box they will see a link to the Enrollment Checklist (
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Access Enrollment Checklist/first log in after account creation
When a student first tries to access the Enrollment Checklist ( or log in at after creating their account, they will be prompted to sign in via the Gustavus Single Sign On page. They will then be prompted to complete account activation steps such as accepting the technology use guidelines, adding an alternate email address and updating emergency contact information.
Technology Guidelines
After logging in un-activated accounts are directed to the Technology Guidelines page. They must read the guidelines, and check the Yes, I read the guidelines and found them very insightful.
Contact Information
After reading the Technology Guidelines the user must submit contact information. Some fields are auto-filled.
Emergency Contact Information
Next users will be asked to supply Emergency Contact Information. They are required to have at least one Emergency Contact person.
Enrollment Checklist
After activating their account, users will be taken to the Enrollment Checklist ( The Enrollment Checklist will be used to submit forms for enrollment. Forms will become live as the year progresses. The online Enrollment Checklist was first used in March of 2018.