Special purpose account printing

In instances where a student organization, teacher's assistant or other special groups need to print to the student public access printers on campus they can request to use a special purpose account instead of charging their own personal accounts.

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Faculty and Staff

Special purpose account policy

Once a special purpose account is created, a user can keep using it as long as needed. Any accounts that have a zero balance more than a year may be asked to verify that that account it still active.

Requesting a special purpose account

  1. Email Gustavus Technology Services helpline@gustavus.edu with your request.
  2. The email should contain:
    1. The name of the account you would like to use i.e. myorg Note: All special purpose accounts will be prefixed with spa-, so your username would be spa-username
    2. Full name and email address of the user requesting the account
    3. Full name and email of authoritative user controlling account
  3. After the request has been processed you will receive an email confirmation.

Logging in as a special purpose account user

  1. From the login screen at print.gac.edu, enter your special purpose account username and password and click Login
  2. Once logged in you may check your balance, release print jobs and redeem prepaid printing cards

Adding funds to a special purpose account

After receiving an account you will need to add funds to it by purchasing a prepaid card. Adding funds in increments will help protect your special purpose account from getting abused if their are multiple people using it. To learn more about adding funds to your account visit Adding funds to your account (students, guests & special purpose accounts)

Using the print accounting system

To learn more about using the system refer to Using the Student Print Accounting System