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  • Due to the design of the [[Chromecast]], Amazon's [[Fire TV Stick]] and the [[Roku]], these devices are not compatible with our network by Technology Services). If you haven't purchased a Blu-ray player or TV yet, look for a wired ethernet (RJ45) port on the back when purchasing.
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  • *[[Apple TV]] *[[Fire_TV_Stick|Fire TV]]
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  • ...ulu, Amazon, and others without needing a separate device to plug into the TV. via an ethernet cable or connect to the Gustavus wireless network. Most Smart TVs do not support the security protocols of GustavusSecure.
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  • A Roku is a streaming device that connects to your TV. Roku's have built-in apps or channels that you can stream for free or with [[Category:Smart Devices]]
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  • ...apps that can stream Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. The Fire TV Stick is made by Amazon. ...ith the MAC address. Once registered, we recommend powering down your Fire TV Stick and power it up again. Once restarted, choose the "Gustavus" network.
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  • A Nexus Player is a streaming device that connects to your TV's HDMI port. The Nexus Player is made by Google. [[Category:Smart Devices]]
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  • A streaming device is generally known as any device that you can connect to a TV and stream content, most notably Netflix. * [[Apple TV]] - [[AirPrint]] and [[AirPlay]] not supported.
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  • ...ced to the Apple product lineup in September of 2006, the current '''Apple TV''' has transformed from a media storage and player device, to a wireless st ...s many different types of media on their TV, everything from HD movies and TV shows in [[iTunes]] to their own content from the [[iCloud]].
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  • A Chromecast is a streaming device that connects to your TV's HDMI port. Chromecasts require a smartphone, tablet, or a computer to "ca [[Category: Smart Devices]]
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