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  • ===Schedule a Google Meet=== ...ers ([ such as a class alias]) to call into the conference
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  • ...student, you can use Google Calendar to manage or share your calendar and schedule meetings with other people at Gustavus. ...usy during the events on your calendar. For example, if you have to be in class, you are probably busy; however, if it is your birthday you may be availabl
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  • ...f the campus uses Google Calendar (using the Google Apps for Education) to schedule events. By using [[CalDAV]], this program and this service will work togeth If you would like to sync your Google calendar with your Moodle class calendar, follow these steps:
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  • The Lund Aerobics room is room number 224. The class schedule for this room can be found on the [
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  • important goal for me because I want to engage with the people I am in class with. Or even a stranger, getting to know people around campus is very impo ...a week where I just chow down and eat whatever I want as long as I stay on schedule with my healthy meals the rest of the week. A few steps that I could take t
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