Senior CA

The title Senior CA (Senior Consulting Assistant) is given to a Helpline student employee that is considered a Helpline student leader. This is the highest rank that a student can obtain while working for the Technology Helpline.

Senior CAs have superior technical, leadership and communication skills. Senior CAs have at least one year of Helpline work experience. Senior CAs do not have to be seniors (academic standing). They can be students of any year.

The Technology Helpline usually has between 4 and 8 Senior CAs. They meet on a weekly basis with the full time User Services staff to discuss day to day operations at the Technology Helpline and help make technology at Gustavus the best it can be.

The current Senior CAs are:


Do I need to be a Senior at Gustavus to be a Senior CA?


How much extra time will this position take?

1-2 hours extra, paid, per week. Senior CAs usually meet for an hour every week with full time User Services staff.

I have just started working for the Helpline, can I apply?

We usually recommend working at the Helpline for a full year before applying to be a Senior CA. If you have worked for us during the summer, we would encourage you to apply.

What responsibilities can I expect?

  • Responsible for additional management and supervision of day time and evening shifts.
  • Attendance at all Senior CA meetings, held once every week (schedule TBD).
  • Responsible for assigning tickets and helping manage incoming cases during day time and evening shifts.
  • Developing meeting agenda, training content, and execution of the monthly meetings for Helpline employees.
  • Planning and execution of annual CA hiring.
  • Continued efforts on keeping the GTS web site up to date (maintaining wiki articles).
  • Being a part of the leadership team during Up and Running Training, running how-to sessions, and planning content.
  • All Senior CAs are required to maintain a MyPoints total of at least 10.