Security Key

A security key can be used to authenticate with websites without a password. It can be also be used as a form of two-factor or multi-factor authentication.

Recommended Security Keys

We recommend the Yubikey 5 or Security Key (NFC) from Yubico. There are several options depending on your devices:

Some Android devices are also capable of being a Security Key. To learn more, please visit the follow link.

Reset PIN

If you forgot your PIN for the security key, you can reset the security key in Windows by following the steps below.

  1. Open Settings from the start menu
  2. Search for Sign-in options
  3. Select Security Key
  4. Insert your Security Key
  5. Select Reset Security Key

*Please note that this will wipe the key. You will no longer be able to use this key to authenticate until it has been setup again with the service you are trying to use.