Secure Share

Secure Share provides Gustavus employees and students the ability to send and receive files in a secure manner. Files can be shared with other Gustavus users and those external to Gustavus. All current Gustavus employees and students have a Secure Share account that can be accessed by clicking the Gustavus User Login button

Secure Share uses email to send notifications to users that a file or a secure message has been shared with them, but it will never send files over email. Email is an insecure method of sharing information. After receiving the notification via email, a user must log in to Secure Share to access the information.

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Access Secure Share

Account Information and Accessing Secure Share

All Gustavus users have a Secure Share account by default. Users log in with their Gustavus User Account (email) credentials.

The Secure Share server is available at:


If a user is external to Gustavus, an account must be created for them. Select the Invite User option in the upper right to invite them to create a Secure Share account.

Sending a Secure File

Secure Share functions similar to a simple web based interface with some additional settings for controlling access to the secure files.

To send a secure message:

  1. Log in to Secure Share by clicking the Gustavus User Login button.
  2. Enter the full email address of the user(s) ( you are sharing the files with.
    1. Note: Each email address must be entered to give the user(s) permission to the file(s). An email list can only be used when selecting the "Anyone with access to the randomized URL can access" access restriction which is not recommended.
  3. Enter a subject for the message.
  4. Enter a body for the message.
  5. Select Add Files to attach files to send or drag and drop files if using a supported browser.
  6. Ensure the proper security options are selected as described below.
  7. Click Send.

You will receive a notification when the file has been accessed.

Message Security

  • Below are the Access Restriction options in the order of security level provided:
    • Recommended - Highest Security Level: Only Specified Recipients can access:
      • Only Specified Recipients can access the message and download the files.
      • Forwarding of the email or URL is not allowed to anyone.
      • Recipients will be required to login to access the message.
      • A download receipt will be sent when each user downloads each file with detailed download information.
    • NOT Recommended - No Security: Anyone with access to the randomized URL can access:
      • Anyone (that has the randomized URL) can download the files. This does require a login, but anyone with a login would be able to access the file which makes it impossible to securely send a file.
      • The email or URL can be forwarded to anyone.
      • Recipients will be required to login to download the files.
      • A download receipt will be sent when each user downloads each file with detailed download information.
  • Message Expires : After this time, the message will no longer be available. This should be set to the shortest possible time frame.
  • Message Expires After: This will set the number of times the files can be downloaded. If known, this should be set.
  • Private Message: When this is checked, the body of the message will not be included in the notification sent to the user. It will only be accessible after logging into secure share. This is recommended.

Receiving a Secure File

There are several ways to receive a file using Secure Share. The recommend method is to have the sending user log in to Secure Share to send the file and the receiving user log in to Secure Share to access the file.

After a file is sent with Secure Share, the file can be accessed by:

  • Following the link provided in the email message you received. This will take you directly to the message.
  • OR
  • Logging in to Secure Share and select Inbox at the top to view messages shared with you.

Requesting a Secure File

This feature allows you to send a message to anyone with a special link that will allow them to securely send you a file.

To request a file:

  1. At the top of the page, select Request File.
  2. Fill out the message to request a file from this user.
  3. Click send.
  4. The user will receive an email. The message will include the message you typed and a link that will allow them to upload to Secure Share.

File Drop for an Individual User

File Drop allows you to receive a file from anyone without the need for them to log into Secure Share. This should only be used when the sender is external to Gustavus.

To find your File Drop url:

  1. Log in at Secure Share
  2. Click gear in the upper right hand corner, and select Account Settings.
  3. On the FileDrop tab, copy the url to your clipboard.
  4. Paste the url into an email message for the user who needs to send you the file.

You will be notified by email when someone drops files into your File Drop.

File Drop Form for Multiple Users

If there is a group of users who need to share files on a regular basis, a custom file drop or department share can be created to share files with multiple users.

Department Share: If all the users that are sending and receiving are Gustavus Employees, a department share can be created or may already exist. Files are shared and accessed from your Home Directory (z: drive). For more information, please see: Department Share.

Custom File Drop Form: This allows a group of users to receive files from anyone. An example of this would be a department that needs to receive secure files from anyone. Files are accessed using Secure Share. To request a Custom File Drop Form, please contact the Technology Helpline at 507-933-6111, stop by the Technology Services department in Olin Hall, or complete our contact form for more information.

Additional Resources

After logging into Secure Share, a user guide is provided by selecting Help in the upper right hand corner.