Scanners are computer devices, similar to copiers, that can be used to create a digital version of a physical document, such as a picture or paper. Scanners can be found in multiple computer labs throughout campus. There are also slide-scanner attachments available in many locations including the library and Olin lab.

Olin Scanner

Turn on the nearby computer and log in. After putting your paper in, press the power button located on the front of the scanner. Then press the other button on the front of the scanner.

This should make the scanner start the scan. On the screen of the computer, an image of your document should pop up. Click and drag on the image to select which parts you want to scan. Then click on the scan button on the screen. Also, make sure you know where it is being scanned.

Library Scanner

These scanners are designed to send the completed scan to your e-mail. Type your e-mail using the touch screen interface or the pullout keyboard. Adjust the other settings as necessary. When you are satisfied with the settings, press the physical scan button, and check your e-mail for the file.