Sophie Seivert Professor Banks FTS-100-005 5 September 2018 A detailed proposal for achieving something, a goal. To me that is the best way to describe a goal. There are many different types of goals especially when it comes to college. There are four categories of goals, in my eyes. We have social goals, daily living goals, health and wellness goals and of course, academic goals. A social goal of mine is to connect and communicate with peers. Whether that means spending a night studying with a group of people from my class or even taking a night to play board games and get to know each other more. This is an important goal for me because I want to engage with the people I am in class with. Or even a stranger, getting to know people around campus is very important. This could be a challenging goal because some people may not be as social as me or some people may not want a new friendship. Which is okay too. I am a very outgoing person which I think will be a great resource to me in meeting new people and friends. I am very talkative and love to get to know new people and hear their story. I am open to new adventures and learning techniques which can also be a helpful way of meeting new people. A step that I could take to achieve this goal would be to ask someone I have never talked to before to maybe meet up somewhere to study, get coffee, or just talk about life experiences. Daily living goals can include money management, employment options, and time management. Out of those a daily living goal for me would me money management. This is a very important goal for me because learning how to manage your money at a young age can be very useful as an adult. Especially in college because, classes, books, and transportation can be very expensive. It is important to me that I learn the proper way to save money, that way I am not struggling in the future. This could be a challenging goal because saving money in college isn’t always easy. One thing that really makes it difficult is, not being able to have a full time job while you’re paying a lot of money to go to school full time. That is probably my biggest challenge with money management. I have a very helpful support system behind my when it comes to money. My parents are very organized and good at managing money which helped me to know that its not easy. But, it is also possible. They have taught me to keep track of how and what I am spending my money on. Which is very important. A few steps I could take to achieve this goal would be to write out my weekly and monthly budgets. That way I can keep track of how I’m using the money I have. I have a few health and wellness goals but I think the goal that I’m most excited about is keeping a healthy diet with the options I have. I am very blessed to be as healthy as I am and I want to keep it that way. This is an important goal of mine because having a balanced diet reflects on how you perform in class. I want to be alert and full of energy during school and eating healthy really plays a big role in this. This could be challenging because not all of your friends like to eat healthy or you want to be a part of the group going to Dairy Queen tonight but don’t wanna be the one person who doesn’t get ice cream. Situations like that can be a little tricky. Food is tempting. I have a mindset to know what I should and shouldn’t be eating. I know that I can have one day a week where I just chow down and eat whatever I want as long as I stay on schedule with my healthy meals the rest of the week. A few steps that I could take to achieve this goal would be to keep track of my meals, write them down, count macros and keep track of what I am feeding my body. Lastly, academic goals. A few main goals for me academically would be time management, organization, improve study skills, habits and strategies. These are all very important to me because time management can be difficult when you’re trying to balance your social life, classes and studying. Improving study skills is big. In order to do well in your classes being able to study correctly is a main focus on how to be successful in your classes. These could be challenging because like I said, balancing everything else in your life with school. It can be stressful and overwhelming. I have good friends and a good roommate who are willing to help push me and to keep me on task. They are great resources for me and they care about helping me be successful. A step I could take to achieve these goals would be to write out scheduled times for everything during my day/week. It can all be overwhelming but if you set a time do it, you will hold yourself accountable.