Random access memory

Random access memory (RAM) is the primary storage for running applications and data.

How much do I have?

Windows 7

  1. Click 'Start' from the Windows task bar.
  2. Right-click 'Computer'.
  3. Click Properties
  4. The amount of RAM is listed under System -> Installed memory (RAM)

Windows 8

Windows Shortcut: Win+Break key


Windows 10

  1. Right click Start menu (Windows icon in lower left corner of screen)
  2. Click System
  3. Under Device Specifications, Installed RAM will be listed

Mac OS X

  1. Click on the Blue Apple in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click About this Mac...
  3. It should read - (e.g. Memory: 4GB)

How much should I have?

All Gustavus owned computers should have at least 4GB as of December 2010. If you find out that you only have 2GB or less, please contact the Technology Helpline. All new computers come with 8GB of RAM.