A quota is the amount of disk space allotted for each user's network file storage space, also known as their home directory. Typically student accounts are limited to 1 GB for home directories. GusMail users do not have an email quota. For faculty and staff the quota is 2GB for their home directory. It is possible to go over this limit to a certain point in regards to your email. Once you approach your quota, it will tell you that you have filled the disk in an error message.

Additional space is available for users who have specific academic needs. Requests for additional space should be directed to root@gustavus.edu and include a brief description of the academic project, including a timeline.

Gustavus also provides limited cloud storage via Gustavus Google Drive.

Disk usage

Your disk usage is the actual amount of space you are using on the server. This total includes all the files in your Mydata folder and it also includes information about your account and your log-in information for the lab machines. Your e-mail quota includes the space used by your inbox, outbox and other mailboxes.

Checking disk usage

  1. Point your web browser to the Technology Services Quota Checking page.
  2. Log in with your Gustavus username and password.
  3. You will be presented with a double-pane page showing your quota information. Your e-mail information will be on the left and your home directory information on the right. If you are a GusMail user, the e-mail information is not valid.

One time addition to your home directory quota

Users with academic needs for additional home directory space are allowed to increase their home directory storage themselves, one time. This option is available on the GTS (Gustavus Technology Services) Tools page when you are viewing your disk usage. Click "To request an increase please submit this form". You will be asked to submit a reason for the increase.

How will I know if I go over my limit?

If you reach your quota limit, you will receive notice via e-mail.

Avoiding problems

The following are suggestions for freeing up space in your account:

Home Directory Quota - Other things to check

  • Remove unneeded items from the desktop and the Downloads folder in your home directory.
  • Remove used setup files (.exe).
  • If there is a large file called 2eds_store causing problems, it can be resolved by logging into a mac lab computer and emptying the trash, or it can be deleted by Core Services.

Google Drive

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