Printing PowerPoint Slides

This article describes how to successfully print PowerPoint files from a Macintosh or Windows computer. More specifically it deals with a situation where a user's document prints each page on a single sheet of paper even though they chose to print multiple pages of the document on each sheet of paper.

This happens because Microsoft PowerPoint has its own set of print options and doesn't use the traditional Macintosh or Windows ones.

Follow the steps below to ensure your document prints correctly when opting to place multiple pages on a single sheet of paper:

  1. For Windows computers, bring up the print dialog box by clicking the print button in the office ribbon or by clicking office button and choosing Print. For Macintosh computers choose Print from the file menu or click the print button in the toolbar. Powerpointprint.jpg
  2. In the print dialog box you will see a drop-down menu to change Print what
  3. Change Print what to Handouts selecing the appropriate number of slides you'd like on a page Powerpointprintwhat.jpg
  4. Click the OK / Print button to print your job