Printing FAQ

This article has frequently asked questions and troubleshooting information for print accounting at Gustavus Adolphus College.


Why is my student balance decreasing as I print?

Answer: This is the way the print accounting system is designed at Gustavus. Each document you print will deduct funds from your print balance. To add funds to your print balance see Adding funds to your account (students only) for more information.


I tried to print multiple pages of my document on one sheet of paper, but got charged for all pages.

Answer: This typically happens when a software manufacturer has it's own set of printing options and doesn't use the traditional Macintosh or Windows print settings. This means the settings on the computer you are printing from may have to be changed in a place other than where you might normally do so. Below is a list of software packages that we know have their own set of print options that will need to be changed to successfully print multiple pages on a sheet of paper. You will also find instructions on how to change these by clicking on each software package. If you are aware of any other software applications that this is a problem for, please feel free to email so we may add it to this list.

I released my print job, but nothing came out.

Answer: This usually has a few possible causes. Click on the links below for more information on each possible cause.