This article describes the printing policies at Gustavus and includes links for using the Gustavus print accounting system, locating and installing printers around campus and using the print accounting system.

Printing Quick Links


Faculty and Staff

Gustavus Print Accounting Policy

Gustavus uses a print accounting system for tracking and charging for both student and staff locations, for printers and copiers. The system is supported through both the Technology Services and Mail and Printer Services Departments and Marco on campus. Gustavus has been using a print accounting system since 2010.

Student Print Account Policy

Students are allowed and encouraged to install the printers in the residence halls and academic labs on their personally owned computers. For installation directions, please see: Adding a Student Lab Printer. For more information on using the Print Account system for students, please see: Using the Student Print Accounting System

Gustavus Technology Services fully supports the printers in these locations. If a printer is low on toner, paper, or having issues, simply call the Technology Helpline (507-933-6111) for assistance.

The print accounting system charges and tracks printing. A single side of a single page (8.5" x 11") costs $0.06 to print in black and white.

Adding Money

Money can be added to student print accounts at any time. Funds are added at the web interface. For more information see: Adding funds to your account.

Carry Over

Funds left on a student account at the end of an academic year, will not be carried over to the following year. Printing balances cannot be cashed out and will be lost when a student graduates.

Printing Charges

The following summarizes charges for various printing types. All charges given are per side.

Type of printing Charge
black and white $0.06
color $0.25

Student organizations, special groups, etc

Student organizations, teacher's assistants or other special groups that need to print on campus, to student printers, can use a special purpose account. More information can be found at Special purpose account printing

Faculty, Staff, and Departments

Faculty and staff are encouraged to use their departmental printers. Non-departmental (Student) printers may be used, but costs will be charged against departmental accounts. Faculty and staff should not add funds to their account manually. Instead the department will receive a bill at the end of each month.

Adding printers

Installing Printers for Faculty and Staff - Please see: Adding a Faculty/Staff Department Printer

Printing accounting FAQ / Troubleshooting

If you are having problems or have questions, take a look at our frequently asked questions and troubleshooting information here.

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