Power usage of various devices

Average power usage

Monitor When on When power saving When off
Samsung 55" LCD HDTV 150W Unknown 1W
Viewsonic 32" LCD HDTV 120W Unknown < 1W
Viewsonic 19" LCD 31W 0W 0W
Viewsonic 20" 2030m LCD 45W 0W 0W
Viewsonic 20" 2030wm LCD 35W 0W 0W
17" CRT 70W Unknown Unknown
19" CRT 100W Unknown Unknown
21" CRT 115W Unknown Unknown
Other devices
Device When on When power saving When off
Intel Mac Mini 28W 2W 1W
Intel iMac 24" 130W 4W Unknown
G4 17" laptop 27W 2W 1W
Gustavus G43 73W Unknown 0W
Gustavus 965 73W Unknown 0W
Gustavus G35 73W Unknown 0W
Thinkpad Core Duo 17W 0W 0W
MPC 385 60W 3W 2W
MPC 375 85W 4W 3W

Electricity Costs

The college currently spends about $0.12 per kwh (including the increase in peak usage assuming the device will be on during the peak usage time)

That comes out to be about $1.05 per watt per year. Therefore, a computer which uses 185W with its monitor costs the college about $160/year more than a laptop which uses 15W if the computers are left on all the time. If they are used 33% of the time (8 hours a day) it costs $56 per year more.

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