A password is a key one uses to access secure resources like e-mail, files stored on the network, or voice mail. At Gustavus, users have different passwords for various systems. Passwords should be changed often and not shared with anyone.

"Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months."
-Clifford Stoll



E-mail/Lab access/Home Directory/Google Calendar/Computer Login
The same password allows you to check your e-mail, access your home directory, log into lab machines on campus, log into your Gustavus Google_Calendar account and log into your Gustavus issued computer (faculty and staff). This password is called your Gustavus password. This password expires every 12 months, which means every year you will be asked to change this password.
This password allows students to check their grades, register for classes and check their progress towards graduation. Additionally, it allows faculty and staff to check on advisees and submit grades. This password will not expire.
This password gives users access to their voice mailbox.

Creating strong passwords

The longer the password, the stronger the password. Your Gustavus password must be at least 8 characters in length. However if you make your password 20 characters or more you do not need to follow any of the other criteria or rules for passwords. Keep in mind that this is only for password that are 20 characters or more.
Mixed case
Add capital letters, not just at the beginning of your password.
Digits and punctuation
Add numbers or punctuation characters to your password.
Easy to remember
Retrieving or resetting lost passwords can take time and be troublesome, so it is important to make your password something you will remember.
Still having trouble?
Think of a phrase that is easy for you to remember - "The wind blows hard at Gustavus"
Use the first letters of each word in the phrase - "TwbhaG"
Change the a to @ and add some numbers or punctuation - "Twbh@G!99"



Change Your Password
You can change your Gustavus password by visiting the Account page, and clicking Change password under the Password section on the left.
Forgot Your Password
If you have forgotten your Gustavus password, please stop by the Technology Helpline and have your password reset. You can also use the Reset Password option.
Resetting Your Password
If you have an alternate email on file, you can have a password reset request sent to that email address.
  1. To set or check your alternate email information, please visit the Account page, and click on the Contact information link under Profile.
  2. If you have an alternate email address set, you can click on the Reset password link under Password. This will send a reset password request to your alternate account. By following the directions you receive you will be able to reset your Gustavus email password.

Affected devices and programs

  • Tablets such as an iPad in your e-mail settings (both incoming and outgoing) and Gustavus Google Calendar and Contact settings
  • Cell Phones such as an iPhone in your e-mail settings (both incoming and outgoing) and Gustavus Google Calendar and Contact settings
  • E-mail clients such as Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Calendar programs such as Calendar for OSX configured with Gustavus Google Calendar.
  • Faculty and staff will need to log into their office computers with their new password.


Forgot Your Password or PIN
If you have forgotten your WebAdvisor password, please visit the WebAdvisor site and click I forgot my PIN and need to reset it. Follow the prompts and an e-mail will be sent to your Gustavus e-mail account with a temporary password. You will need to select a permanent password when you log in with the temporary one.
Change Your Password or PIN
You can change your WebAdvisor password or PIN by visiting the WebAdvisor site and clicking I know my PIN and want to change it.


Follow the prompts on the voicemail page for more information.