Omnipage is a type of optical character recognition software, used to translate images of handwritten or typewritten text into machine-editable text. Omnipage is installed on a few computers in some labs across campus, including the Olin Technology Center and Library lab.

Using Omnipage

Note: These instructions are for Omnipage 14, which is the version installed on most library machines.

To scan a document and edit its text using Omipage:

1. Place document in the scanner and open Omnipage.

2. When the program opens, go to File -> Get Page -> Scan


If you have already scanned a document, you may select "Load Image File" to browse for it.

3. Omipage will launch your scanning software and scan the document. If you need help scanning the document, refer to your scanner's instructions or contact Technology Services at x6111

4. Once your document has been scanned, it will show up in the Image Panel Window.


5. Now click on the "Recognition" button near the top of the screen. Omnipage will now attempt to recognize the text of your document. When it finishes, all recognized text will show up in the Text Editor Window.


6. To export the document and edit it in Word, click on the "Save to File" button and select a location to save the file to.


7. You may now open the document in Word and edit it as you would any other text file.

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