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The DS is a hand held video game console developed and sold by Nintendo. The 3DS is Nintendo's most recent update to the system.


Connecting to the network

Please visit and enter your MAC address in the provided field. You will do this with all video game consoles.

Does Gustavus use MAC filtering?

Yes. This is why you need to find your MAC address and call the Technology Helpline.

Finding your MAC address

  1. Insert a Wifi-enabled game into the DS.
  2. In the game's menu, go to connection set up.
  3. In connection set up, go to "Options," then "System Settings." The Mac address is displayed on the top line.

NOTE: If you are playing a local wireless game with friends (connecting directly to other DS's in close proximity), you will not need to connect to the Gustavus network.

Wired or Wireless

If you do not have the Nintendo USB Connector, you will most likely be using your wireless connection.



The 3DS is able to surf the internet wirelessly with its Internet browser on the main menu screen.

To surf the internet, make sure that the wireless signal is on. It is on the left side of the 3DS.

Connecting to the Network

Visit Technology Helpline Center at Olin Hall with your Nintendo 3DS to get registered onto the Gustavus network. You may also call Technology Helpline at x6111 and we will be able to register your 3DS when you provide your MAC address.

Finding Your Mac Address

  1. Go to the Main Menu screen.
  2. Tap the System Preferences tab.
  3. Go to "Internet Settings".
  4. Go to "Other Information."
  5. Tap the "Confirm Mac Address" tab.

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Please contact the Technology Helpline by emailing or calling 507-933-6111, or complete our contact form. Connect with us on our remote screen sharing tool at GTS SOS

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