Nebula is a file server used by classes and departments to share files.

All data on Nebula is erased at the end of the semester so it can be setup for the next semester requests.

On-Campus access


  1. From the Start Menu/Start Screen, start typing Computer or This PC
  2. Right Click on Computer and select Map Network Drive from the list of options on the bottom
  3. Input the following information:
    1. Drive: N
    2. Under Folder enter: \\\space
    3. Check "Reconnect at logon"
    4. If this is a personal machine and not a Gustavus owned machine, please click on "Connect using a different user name"
    5. Click on Finish
    6. If prompted, input your Gustavus username(gustie\yourusername) and password

Your L drive will now be mounted and should automatically mount each time you log in. You can access your L drive by selecting My Computer from the Start Menu and double clicking the correct volume.


  1. From the Finder, select Connect to Server from the Go menu
  2. Type smb:// in the text box along the bottom. Click the Connect button.
  3. When prompted, enter your username and password
  4. Choose space from the list that appears

Off-campus access

You can use the Virtual Lab to access nebula from off campus.

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