Moodle grade weights

Weighted Grades & Categories

Teachers may want to assign different forms of assessment, such as class participation, exams, and projects, different weights when calculating final grades. This is called weighted mean of grades.

In order to weight the different assignments in your gradebook, you first need to create categories. These categories will be assigned a weight, e.g. 30% of the final grade, and then the assignments are created and assigned to a category. Gradebook then calculates the final grade based on the weight of a category (30%) and the points awarded for an assignment. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click on the "Grades" link in the Administration block in your Moodle course page to enter the Grader Report page.
  2. From the "Choose an action..." menu , select "Categories and items."
  3. Click the "Edit" icon for your course (the top item in the gradebook) and change Aggregation to weighted mean of grades.Edit course.png
  4. Now click on the "Add category" button on the bottom of the same page. Type in a category name, e.g. Participation. The Aggregation method should be simple weighted mean of grades. Note: The course aggregation method is weighted mean of grades, but within the categories, the aggregation method should remain as simple weighted mean of grades.and fill in Item Weight to your specifications, e.g. 10.00 for 10%.Participation.png