Moodle Mass Actions

About Mass Actions

Moodle now provides Course Administrators to create mass actions when editing their class resources. This allows for users to select multiple items in a Moodle course and then apply the same action on these items. These actions include:

  • Move Left - This allows administrators to decrease the indentation of their resources.
  • Move Right - This allows administrators to increase the indentation of their resources.
  • Hide - This allows administrators to make the selected resources not visible to the Moodle participants. Although the resources will be uploaded and visible to the Course Administrator, the participants will not be able to access them.
  • Show - This is the opposite of the "hide" feature. If you have a hidden resource, this is the action to make it visible to participants.
  • Delete - This deletes the selected resources. You will be directed to a confirmation page asking to confirm the deletion. Once you delete the resource, you will not be able to retrieve it after you confirm the deletion.
  • Move to Section - This allows administrators to move the selected resources to a different section within the course.

Performing Mass Actions

There are a few options to select multiple items in the course. But, before you can perform the mass action, you must add the Mass Action Block to your Moodle page. To do this, navigate to the right-hand column of your Moodle page, and find the drop down menu under the "Blocks" section. From here, select the Mass Actions choice under the drop menu.


Once you have this added, you must turn editing on in the upper right hand corner of the Moodle course. Then, the following actions will be performed using the Mass Action menu on the right side of the page.


Select All

This selection is found in the Mass Action menu, at the top of the menu. This selects every resource that has been uploaded for the entire class. The opposite of this action is "Deselect All" which deselects every resource that has already been selected.

Select all.png

Section Select

This selection allows you to take all of the resources from a specific week and perform the mass action. This is useful if you would like to choose all of the resources from one section to modify them at once.


Manual Selection

You can manually check the specific items and then choose the action from the menu on the right side of the screen.