Media Services VirtualOffice

The Media Services VirtualOffice system provides a way for Media Services employees to check out equipment to individuals on campus, among other things. Additionally, all students, faculty, and employees of the college may use this system to reserve available equipment, request event support, submit print requests, and much more.

This system may be accessed at

(Media Services employees should use the documentation from the VirtualOffice staff guide.)

Using the system

How to begin

VirtualOffice log in screen.

Before performing any operation, such as reserving equipment, submitting a print request, or requesting event support, you will be prompted to enter your Gustavus e-mail username and password.

Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the start page. Any important announcements will be shown on this page, and we strongly encourage you to read them.

Start page

Quickly find the service you are looking for.

The start page contains links to help you complete common tasks, important announcements related to Media Services, articles from the Media Services blog, and other announcements that might be important to you. You should always read the Media Services announcements in order to keep up-to-date.

Reserving equipment

The equipment checkout service is provided to all students, faculty, and employees of the College who wish to use multimedia technology in order to fulfill academic and organizational goals supported by the College.

VirtualOffice is the web portal for reserving equipment. Once equipment is reserved using this system, Media Services employees will be able to check out the equipment to you.

There are some constraints as to what (and when) equipment can be checked out. VirtualOffice effectively enforces all of these policies. You may have access to equipment which other Campus members cannot access, and vice versa. This is strongly dependent on your status at the College and the courses you may be enrolled in (or teaching.) It is not possible for us to list all of the possible equipment access scenarios. However, VirtualOffice will list all equipment available to you and other policies which are being enforced.

In addition, everyone must accept the Borrower's Agreement. This can be found in the "check-out" section in VirtualOffice. The system will not allow employees to check out equipment unless the agreement has been accepted by the borrower. The agreement is legally binding.

  1. From the Media Services start page, choose "equipment checkout" under the "request services online" section of the site navigation.
  2. You will be shown the Borrower's Agreement, even if you have previously accepted it. This helps ensure everyone reads the agreement. This agreement specifies information such as the proper return times for equipment, late fees, and other important policies. You will be held responsible for knowing this information. (You cannot make a reservation until the agreement has been accepted. Employees cannot make a reservation on your behalf until the agreement has been accepted at least once.)
  3. After accepting the agreement, you will be shown the list of equipment you have access to, in a screen that looks much like the one shown below.
    Voeco equipmentlist.jpg
    1. Review the policy summary in the top right corner. This will inform you of the dates for which you can make reservations (usually until the end of the current semester) and the times at which you can pick up and return equipment.
    2. Look at the list of available equipment. This list will vary depending on your role at the College and what courses you may be participating in. Only the equipment available to you. If you believe there is an error, you should contact your instructor (instructors should contact Media Services via e-mail or phone) and the issue will be corrected. In most cases, VirtualOffice displays the correct equipment.
    3. Each category also has three columns. The first column displays the maximum number of days a reservation can span. Typically, the maximum reservation length spans two to five days, depending on the type of equipment. If you need the equipment longer, you can make another reservation, but you still need to return the equipment at the end of the first reservation so we can check our inventory. If the system prevents you from making another reservation in advance, you can make one on the same day as you intend to check out the equipment. The third column will display a lock icon if we only let you check out one of this kind of item. All categories with a down arrow mean they the same type as the item with the lock and thus are also restricted. All of these policies are necessary to ensure everyone has fair access to the equipment.
    4. Click on the type of equipment you would like to reserve.
  4. Once you have chosen the type of equipment you would like to reserve, you will be shown a calendar. This calendar shows the availability for each item of that type of equipment. (More information to be added -- follow the on-screen instructions.)
  5. Confirm the information on the next screen, then click the button at the bottom to create your reservation.

Viewing active reservations

  1. From the Media Services start page, choose "equipment reservations" under the "request history" section of the site navigation.
  2. All of your reservations (past and present) are shown in that page.

Please note: each reservation has a status.

  • Reserved: the item is reserved but is not ready for pickup -- either the lease date and time has not yet arrived or the equipment is currently in possession of another person (and likely overdue.)
  • Ready for pickup: the item is ready for pickup. Stop by our office.
  • Checked-out: you are currently in possession of the equipment.
  • Completed: you have returned the equipment. The reservation is being archived for internal purposes.
  • Expired: the equipment you reserved was never picked up.
  • Canceled: the reservation was canceled by either you or a Media Services employee. If you fail to pick up your equipment by the end of the day, Media Services may cancel your reservation in order to help others gain access to idle equipment.
  • Overdue: your equipment is currently in an overdue state. Please return it back to Media Services as soon as possible.

Canceling a reservation

  1. Follow the instructions above for viewing your reservations.
  2. Click on the trash can icon to the left of any pending reservation to cancel it.

Submitting a print request

Large format printing requests are submitted using a form in VirtualOffice. If at any time you need to leave your computer or VirtualOffice, you can return and resume your print request from where you left off. After each step, your changes are saved to our system.

  1. From the Media Services start page, choose "large format printing" under the "request services online" section of the site navigation.
  2. Read the information on your screen regarding some of our printing policies. In addition, we strongly suggest you read our article on large format printing to understand all of your options and our procedures.
  3. On the bottom of the first page, click the "start uploading files" button.
  4. Wait for the uploader to load. Click the first button to choose files you would like to upload (you may select multiple files at once) and they will start uploading. You will be able to see the progress of each file and cancel any uploads before they complete. When you are done uploading files, click the "done uploading" button.
    1. Your progress is saved each time you upload a file.
  5. File specifications
    For each file, you will be asked to specify the media, ink and resolution, size, and number of copies you wish to have. There are instructions on this page to help you. Please note this page works in a top-down fashion; fields lower on the page are disabled until previous fields have been filled out correctly. If you have any questions regarding the options shown here, contact Media Services or refer to the large format printing page. When you are done, click "save changes and continue" at the bottom of each page.
  6. File summary screen
    You will receive notification when all your files have been customized. An overview of all files will be shown. You may click on any file to edit the printing options for it or remove that file. When you are finished, you may click "billing options" on the bottom of the summary page to proceed to the next step. You may also upload more files if necessary.
  7. Finally, you need to provide billing and contact information.
    Billing information screen
    1. Enter an alternate contact if this job is being submitted on behalf of another individual. Simply start entering the Gustavus username or last name of the individual and our system will let you click the appropriate person from a list of people with similar names.
    2. Choose a payment method, either cash or check, student account billing, or departmental billing. If you choose the department option, you will need to select a department from the list. The person responsible for that department's budget will receive an e-mail when you submit your print request.
  8. When you are finished and sure everything is correct, click "submit request now" at the bottom of that screen. You will receive a confirmation message when the process is complete.

Requesting event support

If you would like to request Event support, log in to VirtualOffice and click the "on-campus event support" link under "request services online" in the site navigation. Please fill out the form that appears on the following page.

  1. The first section of the form will ask for your contact information. Please provide your Gustavus username (Gustavus E-mail address without the part), and telephone number. Please provide a second contact for the event as well; we will use this additional information in the event that we are unable to reach you. Also, if multiple people are involved in the planning of an event, we would appreciate it if their names and contact information were mentioned here.
  2. Next, please provide a descriptive title for your event.
  3. In the third section, you should provide information about your event and the services you are requesting. You must fill out a separate section for each location and each time period your event will be encompassing.
  4. Please provide any additional comments you have regarding your event at the bottom of the form, and submit it.

We will contact you soon regarding your request. We look forward to serving you.