Making an Appointment with Full Time Staff

Our goal for providing help is resolve on first contact. If that isn't possible and you have a client who needs to come back and meet with a full time staff member, this page will explain how to set up that appointment. We don't want our clients to have to come back multiple times to connect with someone who can resolve their issues.

Why Would They Come Back?

There are multiple issues that may require a return visit. Some examples are:

  • Hardware Issues - Mike may be able to evaluate a hardware failure or issue.
  • Virus Issues - Complicated malware or virus infections may need help from Justin or other full time staff people.
  • Connectivity Issues - Complicated connectivity issues or problems may need help from full time staff.
  • Policy Questions or Concerns - if clients have questions about policy or procedure that you are not comfortable answering - a return appointment might be necessary.

Procedure for Scheduling an Appointment

Ticket Creation in Fusion
Make sure there is complete information in Fusion. Including a detailed description of the issue, contact information for the client and the desired appointment time.
Ticket Referral
After scheduling the appointment - refer the ticket in Fusion to the Full Time staff person who the appointment is with.
Notify Dutyperson
Send an email to with the details of the event. Ticket ID #, date, time and who the appointment is with.
Dutyperson Creates a GTS Calendar Event Creation
Dutyperson verifies appointment details and creates an event on the GTS Google Calendar that includes the Ticket Number and a brief description of the problem.

Questions about process?

Contact the Dutyperson if you have questions or issues scheduling appointments. If after 5, use email dutyperson email.