Mac the Ripper

Mac the ripper.png

Mac the Ripper is a DVD copying program for Mac computers. It will "rip" a DVD to the hard drive of your computer so that you can copy it. Mac the Ripper is installed in the Mac computer in the Media development station. At the Culpeper Language Center this program is most often used to make a region-free copy of a region encoded DVD. The program is to be used for educational purposes only and not to be used to make copies of library DVDs!

Copying a DVD

  1. To get started, put the DVD in the computer's DVD drive. The DVD player program may automatically open, exit that program before continuing.
  2. Click on the Mac the Ripper program in the Applications folder.
  3. Once the program is open, it should recognize that there is a DVD in the drive. Click the Go button. The program will then rip the DVD and place the files in the Movies folder.
  4. Once you have made a copy to your hard drive, use DVD2one to burn a new copy of the DVD.