Lund Aerobics Room

Operating the Sound System

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
  1. Turn the system on by flipping the red switch in the upper right hand corner of the rack.
  2. Select proper input using input buttons. (Figure 1)
    • AUX for iPods/cell phones/computers/etc (Figure 2)
    • CD for the DVD/VCR player (Figure 3)
    • TAPE for the tape deck
  3. Adjust volume to desired level with the 'VOLUME' knob. (OPTIONAL) Adjust microphone volume to a comfortable setting with the 'MIC VOL' knob. (Figure 4)
Figure 4
  1. Power the system off when finished. (refer to step 1)


  • No sound from speakers: Ensure power is on, check selected the input, if using AUX, check that the device is physically connected. Additionally, you may need to initialize the system when you first turn it on by turning the volume up, and then back down again.
  • Feedback from Microphone: mute the headset when approaching the unit. Alternatively, you can adjust either the MIC VOL knob, or the volume knob on the wireless mic unit to achieve desired results.