Lund Aerobics Room

The Lund Aerobics room is room number 224. The class schedule for this room can be found on the Gustavus Classroom Schedules page.

Technology in the Aerobics Room

Operating the Video System

The Video System has 4 inputs that it can accept: HDMI, Apple TV, VGA (standard laptop connection), and RCA (VCR/DVD).

The remote control. Notice the "input button" in the upper left corner. This is the button to change the inputs.
Inputs and their cords

Powering on the LCD TV

  1. Turn TV on with Vizio remote. Power button is located in the top right corner of the remote.

Switching Inputs

IMG 3123.JPG
  1. All changing of inputs is done on the TV (Vizio) remote.
  2. Press Input (top left corner) on the remote until it gets to your desired input. You can either press OK on the remote for instant changing of inputs or leave it on the desired input until the menu goes away.
  • Comp/AV = VCR/DVD Player
  • HDMI-1 = HDMI/yellow cord
  • HDMI-2 = Apple TV
  • RGB/Comp = laptop/black cord The white adapter goes with Macintosh computers. In order to use cord with a PC, remove the white adapter.

Using the HDMI input

  1. Switch input to HDMI Wall.
  2. Turn on your device. This can also include laptops with HDMI.
  3. Plug in yellow HDMI cable (Please see Mirror Displays)
  4. Volume control is done on the Vizio TV remote.

Using the Apple TV

  1. Switch input to HDMI Apple TV
  2. Volume control is done on the Vizio TV remote.
The Apple TV remote control is located on the left side of the TV screen with velcro

Using AirPlay

  1. While input on TV is HDMI AppleTV, using your iOS device, look for LC224AP00 and choose this as your AirPlay destination.

Using the Laptop connection

  1. Switch input to RGB/Comp Laptop.
  2. Plug in VGA and sound cable. If you have an Apple laptop or a PC with a mini display port input, you can use the adapter provided. (Please see Mirror Displays)
  3. Volume control is done on the Vizio TV remote as well as the computer sound control.

Using the DVD/VCR

IMG 3121.JPG
  1. Switch input to Comp/AV Wall Video
  2. Make sure VCR/DVD player is on.
  3. Insert VHS or DVD
  4. Volume control is done on the Vizio TV remote.
Location of the audio cable in the room

Operating the AUX port

Locating the plug in

  1. While looking at the mirrors, the AUX cable is located to the left of the mirrors.

Playing Music

  1. Plug in your device, any 3.5mm output capable player will work. (phone, iPod, laptop, etc)
  2. Start playing the music on your device.

Volume Control

  1. All volume control is done through your device.


  • Feedback from Microphone: mute the headset when approaching the unit. Alternatively, you can adjust either the MIC VOL knob, or the volume knob on the wireless mic unit to achieve desired results.
  • If the VCR/DVD player does not turn, make sure the mobile cart's main power cable is plugged into the wall outlet.