Local navigation

Local navigation is the set of links on a web page that provide a mechanism for visitors to navigate a subset of a larger website. Local navigation is the counterpart to global navigation and can be especially useful for providing an easy and consistent way to access specific pages within a section of a website.

On the Gustavus website, the local navigation appears on the left side of each page, usually in a tan-colored vertical bar.

Gustavus template

In the Gustavus template, the local navigation can be easily customized using Contribute.


All links should be in an unordered (bulleted) list. Separate sections of links should be separate lists, each preceded by level 2 headings (<h2>).


Each page shares a common local navigation.

The Gustavus template has a mechanism that will look for a file in the same directory called "site_nav.php". If it cannot find it in that directory, it will search for the same file in the parent directory. If it cannot find it there, it will search for it an additional level higher. Finally, if "site_nav.php" is not in that directory, the mechanism stops looking.

If "site_nav.php" does not exist, you will need to create it. This should simply be a set of links in an unordered (bulleted) list.

I still need help

Please e-mail web@gustavus.edu or stop by the Web Services office in Olin Hall 119.