Java is a programming language developed by Oracle Corporation. It is one of the most popular current programming languages, especially in a corporate setting, due to it's high level syntax, extensive documentation, and many various web development frameworks.

Object Oriented

Java is an object oriented language, which means that all code that is written is contained in some sort of object. This is seen at a high level in the class objects which are really what make up Java as a whole. Classes contain methods which can manipulate the class in various ways. For instance if I have an object that is of the Integer class I can call the Integer's reverse method the numbers in the integer would be reversed. This would look as follows.

int numbers = 24; numbers.reverse();


Strong Typed

Java is a strong typed language which means that the type of everything in the code needs to be declared. As an example, in the previous example our Integer variable numbers needed to be declared explicitly as an int type.

Java Run-time Environment (JRE)


Java applications are blocked by your security settings


Unsigned applications are blocked by default in Java JRE 7 Update 51 and >


  1. Start->Control Panel
  2. Open the 'Java Control Panel
  3. Click on the Security Tab
  4. Click on Edit Site List button
  5. Add the site to the exception list

Java Add url.jpg

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