The Inspector is one of the most important windows in the Adobe GoLive CS2 web-editing program. When you highlight an element such a hyperlink or image, the inspector allows you to edit information about that element.

Editing hyperlink attributes

Using the inspector to edit a hyperlink

The target of a hyperlink is the URL it links to. Usually this will simply be the name of another file in your site, in which case you can either type in filename manually or drag the URL fetch tool to the file in your site. You can also link to an external URL by visiting the site in your browser and copying the address and pasting it in to the target field.

It can also be helpful for users (but isn't required) to specify a description in the title attribute of the hyperlink. This title will appear when a user hovers over the link.

Editing image attributes

Using the inspector to edit image attributes

It's important to give all images alternate text (Alt Text) for greater accessibility. Visually-impaired users can use a screen-reader to describe an image with its alt attribute, and it also helps search engines classify and catalog your image.

While GoLive allows you to specify the width and height of your image in the Inspector (or by dragging the corner of the image), it's a really bad idea to put a large image in your site and then "shrink" it with GoLive. The image will still have a very large file size (and take a while to download, especially over dial-up), and will look choppy when the user's browser resizes it. A much better strategy for resizing images is to resize the file in Adobe Photoshop with Image Size... from the Image menu and choose Save for Web... from the File menu. Then replace the file in your site with the resized one.

Oops, I closed it

If you ever accidentally close the Inspector, don't worry; it's easy to get back. You can either select it from the Window menu or use the Ctrl+1 shortcut (Cmd+1 on a Mac).

I still need help

There is a lot of good documentation within the application's built-in help. To access this, click on Help > GoLive Help in your menu bar. Adobe GoLive has been replaced by Adobe Contribue on campus at Gustavus and is no longer officially supported by the helpline or the web team.