My Gustavus user account password has changed

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When you change your Gustavus User Account passphrase, multiple devices and programs may need to be adjusted, depending on the type of account you have, and the privileges you have.

For current employees, emeritus faculty and students your Gustavus User Account passphrase controls access to:

  • GusMail
  • Google Calendar, Docs, and Contacts
  • Moodle
  • Gustavus Web Resources
  • GustavusSecure and Network Registrations
  • Machine Logins (Lab and Workstations)
  • Home Directory Access
  • Office365
  • CrashPlan Code42 Backup
  • Gustavus User Profile Information and Settings

For Alumni your Gustavus User Account passphrase controls access to:

  • Alumni Web Resources
  • Gustavus User Profile Information and Settings
  • Email, Google Calendar and Docs (for GusMail users)

Different devices and applications may prompt you for an updated passphrase. The links below will help if you don't have an option to supply a new passphrase automatically.

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets will need settings adjusted if you check your Gustavus email, calendars or any other resources listed above with them. For smartphones, tablets and iOS devices, if you are not prompted to update your passphrase when you check e-mail, send e-mail or check your calendar, we recommend you remove the account and add it back.

Machine Logins

Faculty and staff will need to log into their office computers with their new passphrase while connected to the Gustavus network. If you change your passphrase when you are off campus, the next time you return to campus you will need to use your new passphrase for logging in.

  • Macintosh Computers - Occasionally users will have issues with keychains after changing their Gustavus User Account passphrase. For help with keychains on Macintosh, please see: Fixing Keychain Issues.
  • Windows Computers - use your new passphrase to log into your computer.

Students should user their new password for logging into lab machines or other campus owned computers.

GustavusSecure Connections

Your connection to the GustavusSecure wireless network uses your Gustavus User Account passphrase. When your passphrase changes, you have to re-authenticate with the secure network. Please see: GustavusSecure Network

Moodle, Web Resources and Google Calendar

Please use your new password for logging into Moodle, Google Apps or other Gustavus web resources when you see the Gustavus Single Sign On page (the Gustavus skyline login screen).

CrashPlan and Office365

Crashplan and Office 365, including OneDrive will use your new Gustavus User Account passphrase. For more information, please see:

Home Directory

After changing your passphrase, please restart your computer and log in with your new Gustavus User Account passphrase. If your home directory does not automatically mount, please see: