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iCal is a calendar application for Mac OS X.

iCal is sometimes confused with the similarly named iCalendar standard, used for exchanging calendar data.

Publishing your iCal at Gustavus

To publish your iCal on the Gustavus server, go to the calendar menu and choose publish. From the publish on menu choose a Private Server. A space will then appear for you to enter the Base URL in which you will enter https://calendar.gac.edu/publish/username/ where "username" is substituted with your e-mail user name. Then enter your e-mail username and password in the appropriate blanks below. Your iCal will then be published to http://calendar.gac.edu/calendar/username/calendarname.ics (where username is your e-mail username and calendarname is the name of the calendar which you have published.)

Subscribing to an iCal

To subscribe to an iCal go to the calendar menu and choose subscribe. Enter the URL of the calendar to which you wish to subscribe in the box which appears and click OK.