How to find an e-mail class alias

What is a class alias and how are they generated?

A class alias is an email address, that when used, sends email to all the students enrolled in that class along with any faculty teaching the class. Alias' are used as an additional means of communication for the class.

Class aliases are generated nightly based on data from the Datatel system. Because the lists are generated based on registration information, change requests must be directed through the Registrar's Office.

How do I find a class alias?

Gribly Class Alias Dep.jpg

Log in to Enter anything in the search bar. Click on the lists link on the left column. You will have several options in finding e-mail aliases. Clicking on a course will display a page showing all the members of that class and the e-mail alias for that class.

How do I find a list of all the class aliases?

The On-line Gribly is the best way for users to lookup and find class alias information. After logging in, select the Course Aliases tab, and then select the All Courses tab. Clicking on a class in the list will display a page with the class alias and also display all the members of the class.

How are class aliases normally formatted?

Gribly Class Alias format.jpg

the first letter is the term (f for fall)
three letter abbreviation for the department
three digit class number
three digit section number