Hold for Authentication for Printers

If you are attempting to print on to a Gustavus printer and you are held at a prompt asking for authentication.
These are the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

1. Make sure you are connected to the network

Make sure you are connected to the Gustavus Secure network or connected to the network via Ethernet connection.
If you are new to Gustavus you may want to check your registration status and ensure that you are connected properly.

Check DNS

  • If you are using Google DNS on campus, configured in your network settings, you will receive an error message when trying to print.

2. Keychain Error

If you have recently changed your password you may have an error with your keychain folder.

To have your keychain reset, you may visit the Macintosh Keychain wiki article to learn how to clear the old keychain files.

3. AD Fix

If neither of the above strategies are able to resolve this issue it is possible that your machine will need to be rebind to the directory. "Active Directory Fix" Is the title of a program that rebinds your machine to the Gustavus Domain.

To start this process please contact the Technology Helpline at 507-933-6111