Hardware database

The hardware database is a database that Gustavus uses to keep track of its hardware inventory, it is also known as FileMaker Pro.

Using FileMaker Website

  1. Go to http://filemaker.gac.edu
  2. Log in with Gustavus credentials
  3. Choose "GAC_HardwareBase"

This will bring you to the main page. Do not edit anything on this page unless it is for sure the inventory item you want to edit.


Where to enter into Search Mode. Also, see "Inventory sheet" on left for printing
Choose "Enter Find Mode"
  1. Choose the magnifying glass near the top right of the page.
  2. Type in known information into the now blank sheet (i.e. GAC tag, serial number, etc)
  3. Choose the blue "Perform Find" button, also in the upper right hand corner


  1. Choose "Inventory Sheet" for an inventory sheet or "Inventory Tag" for a tag. Both of these options are located in the far right column.
  2. In the web version, you are not able to print an Inventory Sheet or an Inventory Tag, so you must choose File > Print to print the whole web page.

How to access through installed program

1. Open Filemaker Pro Choose "open an existing file" and click ok


2. Choose "Open Remote"


3. Choose filemaker.gac.edu and type in user information when prompted to do so. 'Make sure you type in Helpline for the user name and the correct password'


4. Choose the database you want to open: Hardware Database GAC-2004.

5. Click open and enter in Helpline as the user name and the correct password.

6. You now can search by GAC-TAG and or Serial Number!