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GoLive CSC2 is no longer the primary program used at Gustavus for maintaining websites. Currently, Contribute CS3 is the most recent website editing software. For more information visit the Contribute wiki article. Below are the instructions for using GoLive CS2 with Version Cue CS2.

Connecting to a Version Cue site

If a user has already had a GoLive Version Cue site set up on her computer at some point, she should simply choose the *.site file from the File -> Open Recent... menu.

Setting up a new Version Cue site

To set up a Version Cue site for the first time, a GTS employee (or ambitious user) should take the following steps:

  1. If this is the first time that this installation of the Creative Suite has connected to the Version Cue, perform the following steps, otherwise skip to step 2:
    1. Open Adobe Bridge.
    2. In Bridge, select Version Cue > Connect To... from the Tools menu.
    3. In the popup, type versioncue.gac.edu and press OK.
    4. Double-click on the item labeled versioncue.
    5. You should be prompted for your Version Cue username and password. Note that this is different than your Gustavus password. Type your Version Cue username and password into this dialog and continue. If you do not have a Version Cue password, contact Web Services to have one assigned to you.
    6. Feel free to close Bridge at any time.
  2. In GoLive, choose Connect to Version Cue from the File menu.
  3. In the window that comes up, there should be an item called versioncue with a plus or minus sign next to it. If there is a plus sign, click on it to view the projects that are available to you. You should be prompted for your Version Cue username and password. Note that this is different than your Gustavus password.
  4. After entering your Version Cue username and password, you should see a listing of the projects that are available to you. Select the one that you would like to work on and click OK.
  5. GoLive will now synchronize the files that are located on your computer with the files that are stored in Version Cue. A window will display a list of files that GoLive will download. Click OK when you are comfortable.
  6. After GoLive has completed downloading all of the files, connect to the publish server (Site->Publish Server->Connect) and synchronize the modified dates (Site->Publish Server->Sync Modified Times-> All).

Connecting to the publish server

If you are using a GoLive Version Cue site and need to connect to the publish server, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Site" in the menu bar.
  2. Click on "Settings" at the bottom of the site menu.
  3. Site settings window
    This will bring up the site settings window that is divided into a left and right side. In the left side, make sure that "Publish Server" is selected.
  4. On the right side of the site settings window, there is a box near the top that may be empty. At the bottom of that box there are four icons. Click on the third icon from the left (it looks like a new document icon).
  5. If you are using Version Cue, you will be prompted to mark the Publish Server settings in use. Choose "Yes." This will create a new server configuration.
  6. The Nickname field should appropriately describe your connection type. For example, you could use your department's name, "Gustavus," or "Gustavus FTP."
  7. The Protocol field must be set to ftp.
  8. The Server field must be "ftp.gac.edu".
  9. The Directory field must start with "/cis/www/" and be followed by the directory that your website is on the server. So, for example, if the URL of your website is "http://www.gustavus.edu/arboretum/" then your Directory field should be "/cis/www/arboretum/".
  10. Make sure that the Username and Password fields are blank and that the checkbox next to "Save" is unchecked.
  11. Click OK.


GoLive synchronize vc.png

Once your server settings are complete, if you are using Version Cue you should synchronize with the version control system by clicking on the double arrow icon in the toolbar so that others editing the site can use the same server settings.

Please note that there are two double arrow icons in the toolbar. The sixth from the right will synchronize with the version control system while the eleventh from the left will synchronize with the FTP server.

Synchronizing with the Version Cue server once a week will make sure that your site is kept up-to-date.

Username and Password

When you publish your files, you will be prompted for a username and password. Here, you will need to use your Gustavus username and password.

Adding files

  1. Locate the files that you would like to add to your site.
  2. Make sure that you have your site open in GoLive and that you can see the site window.
  3. Move GoLive a little out of the way so you can see both the files you want to add to your site and your site window.
  4. Select the files you want to add and drag them over your site window. Drop them in the folder that you want the file to live. This will add the files to your site so you can work on them, but you still need to add it to the Version Cue server.
  5. Finally, be sure to synchronize with the version control system. This will ensure that other users of your site will be able to see and make updates to the new files.

Downloading an individual file from the publish server

When working in your GoLive Version Cue site, to download an individual file from the publish server, take the following steps:

  1. Right click (command+click on a Mac) on the file you would like to download.
  2. Click on Publish Server > Download Selection.

Uploading changes to the web server

After you're done making your changes, you'll want to put those changes live. Using these easy steps will help keep your site synchronized and keep you from loosing work.

Uploading select files

If you want to upload only a couple of files because you have some files that are not yet ready to go live, you can upload files individually.

  • Right-click (option-click on the Mac) on the file you want to upload, select Publish Server->Upload Selection. Version Cue will ask you if you want to archive the change, click yes, then OK. Your change has been upload and is now available for others to edit (if applicable).

Uploading all changes

To upload all the changes you've made to your site, click on the left-hand side of your site and go to Site->Publish Server->Upload Modified Items. GoLive will show you a list of files that it will put live. You can choose to change the default behavior by clicking on the icon between the files. If you like what GoLive is going to do, click OK, then Yes, the OK.

Synchronizing your site

There are times when you will need to synchronize your site. If you follow the directions in the "Uploading changes to the web server" section above, you should never need to synchronize with the publish server, just the Version Cue server. Synchronizing with the Version Cue server gives you access to new files that others have created and makes initial versions of any new files you've created in your site.

Synchronizing is a simple process. With your site open, single-click in the left pane of your site, then go to Site->Version Control System->Synchronize All. GoLive will process your site, then give you a summary of the actions it will perform. Clicking OK will synchronize your site.

I still need help

There is a lot of good documentation within the application's built-in help. To access this, click on Help > GoLive Help in your menu bar. Adobe GoLive has been replaced by Adobe Contribue on campus at Gustavus and is no longer officially supported by the helpline or the web team.