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Adobe GoLive is a website creation tool, which is currently used in the Culpeper Language Center by the Spanish and French sections to create ePortfolios.

GoLive FAQs

These FAQs are intended as a help guide for students using GoLive for to create and maintain language ePortfolios. Please see the center assistants or Culpeper director for any additional help.

I can’t find the Inspector! Where is it?

If the inspector disappeared it is easy to get back. Go to the Window menu and find “Inspector” this need to be checked for it to display.

How do I add a new row to a table?

Place your curser at the end of the last space in the table and press tab, a new row should appear. You can also go Special > Table > Insert Row Below

How do I create a new .html document?

There are two ways to create a new .html document if you are working with one of the pre-constructed language templates. The easiest way is to open the document “blank.html” and choose “save as” and name it something new, this will create a new .html file without erasing the “blank.html” file. Or you can right-click within the GoLive directory and choose New > HTML Page. If you are not owrking within the template, the second option will be the only option available to you.

How do I create a link?

Highlight the item you want to become the link (such as text or an image), then in the inspector (right hand of the screen) type the URL of the file you wish to link to, or, of you are linking to a file that is a part of your site, click on the folder icon in the inspector, this will open up a window, in this window find the file and choose “ok”.

How do I add a picture?

Find the image icon on the pallet on the left of your screen and drag it into position on your page. Then, in the right hand corner, on the “Inspector” pallet, click on the folder icon. This will open a diolog box that will allow you to search for your image and choose it. Make sure that the image is located in your wwwdocs, or a sub-folder of your wwwdocs folder or it won’t show up on the web!

How do I resize a picture?

To resize a picture simple click on the picture, hold down one of the little blue squares located on the side of the image, as pictured below, and drag the image into its new size.

Note: if a picture is large you might want to change the size of the picture in Adobe Photoshop instead of merely re-sizing it, since a larger image, even after resizing in GoLive, will take a long time to load and consume more file-space in your Home Directory.

My picture shows up in the program but not on the web, what’s wrong?

There could be three different reasons for this: 1. You may need to refresh your web browser; right-click within the part of you page where the image should be and choose "refresh". 2. The image is not in your wwwdocs folder, and is therefore not published on the web. To fix this simply put the file into your wwwdocs folder or one of its sub-folders and then try re-adding the picture. 3. The image’s path may be wrong. This problem is tricky with GoLive. If you click on the picture and the file name that shows up in the inspector is very long or contains “…/…/” you should delete the picture, make sure its in the proper folder and try again. If it is still not working you may need to have somebody look at the code, if this is the case please ask a center assistant for help.

How do I change the background or text colors?

First, click on the button marked “properties” on your site page, a new set of options should then appear in the inspector, check the box next to the color you wish to change, then go to the color pallet bellow and pick a color.

How do I add a sound file?

Adding a sound file is essentially the same as adding an image, but instead of dragging the image icon over, you will choose the sound icon. Then follow the same steps as for an image.

My sound file shows up as a black box, what’s wrong?

The program might have the sound type wrong. Click on the sound icon and then look over at the inspector, make sure to choose the “Audio Basic” option under the MIME menu.

If that doesn’t fix you file make sure your file is in .mp3 format, if not you will have to fix the file before you will be able to embed it to make it an mp3 (use Audacity for this).

How do I italicize, bold or change the font size?

Up at the top of the program there are these choices, much like in Word, they just look a bit different, as they are all demonstrated using the letter T. Simply select the text you with to make bold or italic, then clic on the appropriate button above.