GTS tools for Helpline Employees

The GTS tools site is designed to help Gustavus users maintain the account they have through Technology Services. Different tools are available for the Technology Helpline staff. For help as a regular user please see GTS tools.

Account Maintenance

Reset Password

The Reset Password tool allows you to reset the password for any user (email and home directory) account on the Gustavus system.

Verifying Identification
Before resetting a users password we must verify their identity. Verification in person can be with a Gustavus ID or drivers license. Verification via email can be done by asking them to supply their Gustavus ID number and two classes they are currently enrolled in (for graduates - two classes from their last semester). Please refer phone requests for password changes to full time staff members.
Input the username for the account you wish to change the password for, click Submit. Verify the information is correct click Change Password. Print the password letter and give it to the user.
Used When
If a user has forgotten their password. Anytime their password works on some systems, but not all. Anytime they have a problem with their password.

Check disk usage

Quota detail.jpg
The Check Disk Usage tool is used to check the file usage for an individual user. It will list the persons quota, file usage, inbox size and total use. If they are over quota it will show in red how far over quota they are. Next you will find the largest folder and mailboxes in their home directory and their sizes. The page will also give hints as to how the user should deal with the larger files.
Disabled Accounts
If a users account has been disabled for being over quota.