GReg IP address ranges

10.1.16.* - Unregistered Range

A computer with an IP address of 10.1.16.* is unregistered.

What's wrong?

The user has not gone through the registration process.

Next Step

They will need to go to and click "Continue Registration".

138.236.*.* - Registered Range

A computer with an IP address of 138.236.*.* has been registered.

What this means

They have a valid IP address and they should be able to work on the Gustavus network. There are many specific ranges depending where they are plugging in. Each VLAN has a separate range of IP addresses, but they all start with 138.236. The third and fourth set will be different.

Examples of Registered Ranges


138.236.240.* - 138.236.255.*

Mattson Hall

138.236.75.* - 138.236.75.*

Media Services

138.236.62.* - 138.236.63.*


138.236.64.* - 138.236.71.*


138.236.56.* - 138.236.57.*

Physical Plant

138.236.172.* - 138.236.172.*

10.*.*.* or 192.168.*.* - Many Possibilities

A computer with an IP address of 10.*.*.*(except 10.1.*.* is configured incorrectly, off campus, or is connected to a rogue access point. A computer with an IP address of 192.168.*.* is configured incorrectly, off campus, connected to a rogue access point, or is quarantined.

What's Wrong?

  • It is possible they have an IP address that has been hardcoded.
  • It is possible that they are connected to a non-Gustavus router or wireless router.
    • They are off campus. They are not connected to the Gustavus network.
    • They got their IP from an incorrectly configured access point (which shouldn't be on the network at all!). Contact Core.
  • They have been restricted by GReg for a variety of reasons.

Next step

We need to make sure that they are set to obtain an IP address automatically. To make sure they are, click open the Start menu, open the Control Panel, click on Network Connections, have them right click either the wireless adapter or the Local Area Connection and click Properties. Have them find the TCP/IP protocol and click it, then click Configure.

If they are on campus they'll need to go to and go through the registration system again.

If they have this IP address and they are redirected to a web page that tells them they have a virus they need to remove, they'll need to contact us to make sure their virus is removed.

Hardware issues

A computer with an IP address of 169.254.*.* is experiencing connection issues. IP addresses in this range are assigned by the computer when it can't find any other computers to tell it what IP address to have. This is called a link-local address.

What's wrong?

Somewhere the connection has failed. The following items could be the cause:

  • The Network card is not working.
  • The ethernet cable is bad (wired connections only).
  • The ethernet port that they are plugging into is bad (wired connections only).
  • They are out of range of a wireless access point (wireless connections only).

Next Step

To get connected, first we want to try and eliminate a few things.

If they are connecting to the wired network:

  • Have them try a known working cable.
  • Have them plug into a known working ethernet port.
  • Does their roommate's working computer work when using their cord and their ethernet port?

If they are connecting to the wireless network:

  • Is their computer's WiFi disabled? Is their computer in Airplane mode?
  • Does their computer show Gustavus, GustavusGuest, or GustavusSecure as available wireless networks? Are they connected to one of them?
  • Can others near them connect to the wireless network successfully?